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Last update: 12-10-2010

What is Qualifications Framework (QF)?

The Education Bureau (EDB) advanced the Qualifications Framework (QF) in 2004 which aims at providing an opportunity for lifelong learning to the workforce with the ultimate mission of cultivating a pool of high standard and competitive employees.

QF is about qualifications recognition in academic, vocational and continuing education. It adopts a seven-level cross-sectoral hierarchy to describe the qualifications requirement of different occupations. This particular structure can facilitate the articulation pathways among qualifications of different levels and in different industries. Therefore, it can provide multiple entries and multiple pathways for learners. Under the project of QF, a set of Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) will be developed for each of the selected industries. SCS comprises a set of core competencies which describe skills, knowledge and attributes that are required by the industry. SCS can be further customized to serve as an objective basis for education, training, qualification recognitions and human resources management etc. in individual organization.

The Banking ITAC

The EDB has assisted different industries to set up their Industry Training Advisory Committees (ITAC). ITAC plays the advisory role on manpower development through offering advice to the government and industries. In order to realize the above mission, ITAC is responsible to develop, maintain and update SCS and develop a mechanism on Recognition of Prior Learning. Banking industry has also set up its ITAC which consists of representatives from employers, employees and relevant professional bodies.