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Application Form-Ordinary Members

Application Form-Corporate Members (HK, Macau)

Application Form-Membership-Examination Certification Letter

Application Form-Student Ambassadors Programme

Application Form-Student Members

HKIB CPD Declaration Form

HKIB CPD Records Form (Sample)

HKIB CPD Records Form

Reinstatement Form - Individual Membership

Membership Record Updates Form

Membership Renewal Form-Corporate Members (HK, Macau)

Membership Renewal Form-FHKIB

Membership Renewal Form-Ordinary Members

Certification Renewal Form - ECF Certification Holders

Membership Renewal Form-Professional Members

Membership Renewal Form-Student Members

Room Rental Application Form

Application for Certificate of Attendance


Training and Examinations

HKIB Attendance Policy (Training Programs)

Bad Weather Arrangements

Personal Data Protection Policy

Application Form-Re-issuance of Examination Result Slip

Examination Result Review Request Form

Exemption Application Form (HK)-CB

Application Form (HK)-Professional Banking Qualifications

Certified Banker Conversion Arrangements Information

Enrolment Form (Macau)-CFMP Re-sit Examination

Exemption Application Form (HK)-CFMP

Exemption Application Form (Macau)-CFMP

FAQ-Certified Banker Conversion Arrangements

List of Permitted Calculators


Insights and Learning Resources

eLearning Courses Enrolment Form

Library Book Renewal Form

Library Book Lending Form

The INEDs’ Knowledge Kit

Library Book Reservation Form

Publication Order Form

Application Form-Membership Card _ Golden Pin



Employment Application Form

Application Form-Duplicate Official Receipt

Application Form-Membership-Examination Certification Letter

Application Form-Re-issue of Certificate of Attendance