Benefits & Services

HKIB Membership allows you to be part of our elite professional community and set yourself apart from other industry practitioners through access to an unparalleled selection of benefits and services, helping you become better “informed, connected, educated and qualified”. Key benefits include:

Recognition and status

We are an industry body widely recognised for its professional development in Hong Kong. As an HKIB member, you will be recognised by your employers, colleagues and business partners for your commitment to continuing professional development. As an HKIB member, you will become part of a community of professional banking specialists.


Members have access to a wide range of industry information and updates, including our bi-monthly journal, Banking Today. You can also access our online resources that will help to enhance your professional skills and knowledge. We will also keep you informed about the latest learning and information exchange opportunities, helping you to raise your professional standards.

Professional network

The membership helps you stay connected to the professional banking community. Members have access to a range of powerful networking opportunities with senior bankers, regulators and other professionals, expanding your professional network and helping you build your career.

Benefits & Services+

As an Individual Member of HKIB, you will enjoy the following benefits and services:

  • a complimentary copy of bi-monthly journal, Banking Today
  • regular updates from the HKIB via email, the HKIB website and social media platforms
  • access to regular free seminars and luncheons
  • the use of designations (Fellow Members and Professional Members)
  • inclusion in the Registers of Certified Individuals (CI) for Fellow Certified Banker and Professional Members, available on the HKIB website
  • discounted rates for enrolling in the HKIB's events
  • discounted rates for enrolling in events supported by the HKIB
  • discounted rates for enrolling in HKIB eLearning courses
  • a wide range of merchant discounts. For details, please download and read the latest List of Merchant Discounts.
  • access to the HKIB Library where lots of reference books available for loan. The book collection covers a wide range of subjects including Accounting, Banking, Economics, Finance, Language, Law and Management.
  • voting rights at the Institute's General Meetings (except Honorary Fellows and Honorary Members)


  1. The benefits listed above are subject to review from time to time and can be changed without prior notice. The Institute shall continue to enhance its membership benefits and provide regular updates to members via all established communication channels.
  2. Last revision date: 01/01/2017