The Professional Qualifications Register listed below enables the public recognition of our members and it will be updated regularly to reflect the most current member status.

Other Name
Chinese Name Membership
Alder Ashley Ian 歐達禮 ****6358 Fellow CB
Ao Sok Cheng 區淑貞 ****89 CFMP™
Ao Wai Hong 區偉雄 ****22 CFMP™
Ao Ieong Hang Cheong 歐陽幸昌 ****96 CFMP™
Ao Ieong Mio Ian 歐陽妙欣 ****58 CFMP™
Au Cheuk Wai 區灼維 ****2742 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Chin Pang 歐展鵬 ****1665 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Eugenie Wing Har 區詠霞 ****1774 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Hiu Lam 區曉琳 ****1796 AAMLP
Au Hon Ming 區漢明 ****4752 AAMLP
Au Joseph Wing Kui 區永鉅 ****1268 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Ka Lai Eliza 區嘉麗 ****2272 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Ka Wai Connie 區嘉慧 ****1773 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Lai King 區麗琼 ****3729 AAMLP
Au Mei Fong 區美芳 ****4875 CFMP™
Au Ping Kwan 區炳坤 ****1527 AAMLP
Au Sek Bong Daniel 區錫邦 ****5112 AAMLP
Au Sing Ming 歐醒鳴 ****1155 Certified Banker (CB)
Au Siu Kee Alexander 歐肇基 ****1001 Fellow CB
Au Suk Fun 區淑芬 ****1674 Certified Banker (CB)