The Registers of Certified Individuals listed below enables the public recognition of our members and it will be updated regularly to reflect the most current member status.

Other Name
Chinese Name Membership
SA Tai Ieng 沙緹縈 ****36 CFMP™
SAM Meng Ieong 岑名楊 ****17 CB (Stage I)
SAM Teng Ut 岑庭月 ****28 CFMP™
SANDOVAL Jose Luis ****7921 AAMLP
SE Chi Wang 佘梓泓 ****099 CFMP™
SE Hang I 佘杏儀 ****57 CFMP™
SEAH Kiu Man 謝僑民 ****1365 Certified Banker (CB)
SEE Lai Man Karen 施麗雯 ****5459 AAMLP
SEED Graeme Michael ****4167 AAMLP
SEETO Jay Ronnie 司徒健樺 ****0459 CB (Stage I)
SEN Chun Wai 孫振威 ****1202 AAMLP
SHAM Chi Ho 沈志豪 ****4998 AAMLP
SHAN Hsiu Chuan 單秀娟 ****0594 AAMLP
SHAN Kam Kim 單錦鈐 ****1371 Certified Banker (CB)
SHE Pat Lun 佘伯麟 ****8673 AAMLP
SHEK Kai Yat 石介一 ****4910 AAMLP
SHEK Mei Wah 石美華 ****3987 AAMLP
SHEN Jingshu 沈靜姝 ****0617 AAMLP
SHEUNG Ming Wah Zome 相銘華 ****5123 AAMLP
SHI Ka Lok 施嘉樂 ****6279 AAMLP