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Certified Banker (CB) is a new professional qualification developed and run by the HKIB to help banking practitioners at all levels raise their professional standards with skills relevant for this fast-changing banking environment. It also provides a common qualification benchmark for individuals and employers that is recognised by regulators and leading authorised institutions.

ECF Subjects Integrated

The programmes of CB cover both generic and specialist topics, and integrates subjects from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority's Enhanced Competency Framework (ECF). It is an enhancement of the Associate of The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (AHKIB) qualification, which was launched over two decades ago.

Qualifications Framework (QF)

Certified Banker contains three programmes in progressive QF Levels (i.e. Advanced Diploma, Professional Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma). Candidates should begin with the Advanced Diploma Programme for Certified Banker (QF Level 4). All three programmes have been quality assured by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and are recognised under the Qualifications Framework (QF). Postgraduate Diploma for Certified Banker is the only banking qualification accredited at QF Level 6 in Hong Kong, which is on the same level with a Master's Degree. (QR Registration Number: 16/001005/L6, 16/001006/L6, 16/001007/L6) Please read the Accreditation to understand more.

Certified Banker is already recognised in regions outside Hong Kong and is set to achieve even wider global recognition in the years ahead.

Becoming a Certified Banker

Certified Banker is a three-level qualification, reflecting the different level of experience and skills of an individual. The CB is suitable for current banking and financial practitioners who wish to deepen industry knowledge for career advancement as well as post-secondary full time students who wish to join the banking profession after graduation.

Individual Members who have completed a particular level and acquired the relevant years of banking or finance related experience will be entitled to use the respective CB designations.

Award Designation
Postgraduate Diploma (Stream) for Certified Banker
  • Credit management
  • Treasury management
  • Operations management
  • Wealth management
Certified Banker

(with 3 years banking or finance related working experience)

Professional Diploma for Certified Banker Certified Banker (Stage II)

(with 2 years banking or finance related working experience)

Advanced Diploma for Certified Banker) Certified Banker (Stage I)

(with 1 year banking or finance related working experience)

Entry Requirements

Candidates need to be an HKIB Individual Member and fulfil one of the following entry requirements:

  • A Bachelor's Degree awarded by a recognised university or equivalent; OR
  • An Associate Degree / Higher Diploma in Banking and Finance area; OR
  • Relevant professional qualifications; OR
  • Mature Student (aged 21 or above) with either
    • At least five years of banking and finance work experience; OR
    • Two years of banking and finance work experience with a recommendation from employer
  • Registered HKIB Student Members or post-secondary full time students



Employee Employer Banking industry
  • Clear study path to achieve professionalism and career development
  • Enhance mobility within the industry with a strong professional qualification
  • A more streamlined training journey
  • Optimise value of participation in ECF programmes
  • A common qualification benchmark
  • A more streamlined training journey
  • Effective use of training budget
  • Fulfilment of regulatory expectations and requirements
  • Increased recruitment efficiency
  • A transparent set of professional standards for attracting talent to the industry
  • Aligned standards to support capacity building
  • Higher competency of individual practitioners to ensure the quality and sustainability of talent pool
  • Enhanced industry reputation locally and globally

Intakes for CB training programmes

Programme Month
Certified Banker (Stage I) March, June, September
Certified Banker (Stage II) &
Certified Banker
March, September